• Complete protection for your emails

An integrated hardware and software solution by Telemos for complete protection of your emails.

Telemos Business Email Security is an integrated hardware and software solution for complete protection of your emails. It delivers a powerful, user-friendly and affordable solution to block spam and viruses form your organization by offer the following protection: firewall, antivirus, anti-spoofing, anti-phishing, anti-spyware for attachments, denial of service, optimal protection of your email server and a blacklist preventer.

Telemos offers this service from its redundantly designed datacenters, which ensures the processing of your emails. Checking emails is fully automatic with no impact on your privacy. Your messages are checked and delivered to your email server within seconds.

Email security


The advantages of Email Security by Telemos

  • No unwanted emails in your mailbox.

  • Powerful, user-friendly and affordable solution.

  • Checking emails is done automatically.

Discover Email Security by Telemos

Anti-spam check

Telemos utilizes and implements four successive degrees of anti-spam monitoring:

  • Known spam servers are immediately refused and removed by the firewall, you will notice nothing of this .
  • 99,9% certain spam is quarantined, after which they are automatically check to see which emails are ambiguous (ham or spam?). These emails are then checked manually. Based on these findings, the overall filtering of the anti-spam will be fine-tuned further. The client will receive a report that certain emails have been delayed due to the possibility of spam, but that ham (not spam) emails have been forwarded after a manual check.
  • 50% certain spam emails are all checked and, if legitimate, will be transmitted in original condition without a ham or spam report. The spam will be manually updated based on these findings.
  • Fully automatic check. When spam is suspected, this will be indicated in the mail subject. This check and a potential spam qualification enables the receiver (client) to critically evaluate said emails to see if they are meant for the receiver or are actually spam.

Protective layers

The email security can be used in combination with all email servers and will fit almost any business environment, large or small. It is used by small businesses with ‘only’ 10 employees, but also by large organizations.

The spam filter protects your email server with no less than ten protective layers:

  • Email content check (anti-spam);
  • Denial of Service and security protection;
  • IP address blocking list;
  • Queuing of emails (waiting list);
  • Rate control (no large amount of emails from one single IP address in a short period of time);
  • Virus checks by several programs of different manufacturers;
  • Virus checks by archive decompression;
  • Lines specified by the user;
  • Spam 'finger print’ check;
  • Intention analysis;
  • Bayesian analysis (trained, self-learning word filter);
  • Line-based score.
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