• A fully furnished Fallback Service Centre

Fallback Service Centre

For a company, it doesn’t bear thinking about a fire breaking out or another calamity occurring that prevents the company from carrying out the daily activities. The collapse of the computer infrastructure plays an increasing part in this as well. After a calamity occurs, Telemos provides SMEs with a fallback centre where you can start to conduct your business again as far as your computer network is concerned. At the fallback service centre, several offices spaces have been set up with furniture, telephone facilities and, of course, the IT equipment that is of vital importance to you. 

Fallback Service Centre


The advantages of the Fallback Service Centre

  • You indicate the desired number of workstations and additional facilities.

  • After a calamity occurs, you can get back to work within the period agreed upon.

  • The most recent backup is available on the workstations.

Discover our Fallback Service Centre

How does it work?

You enter into an agreement with Telemos to create a daily backup of the information stored on your computer system (server). Telemos will draw up an agreement in consultation with you that states the number of workstations that is to be available to you at the Fallback Service Centre, in case a calamity occurs. Said agreement also stipulates the time frame within which the desired number of workstations at the Fallback Service Centre is to be available to you.  In case of an emergency, you contact Telemos. Telemos will see to it that the data of the most recent backup is available on the workstations at the Fallback Service Centre within the time frame (for instance 4 or 8 hours) agreed upon with you and you can get started.

What are the rates for a Fallback Service Centre?

Telemos charges a rate for making daily backups based on the amount of the information that is to be safeguarded daily. You will be charged an annual fee to maintain the availability of the infrastructure (furniture, phones, computers) at the Fallback Service Centre. The fee is based on the number of desired workstations and any additional facilities. Should you make actual use of the Fallback Service Centre, you will be charged a fee per day. This fee is decided on beforehand and is based on the number of workstations and additional facilities agreed upon by you with Telemos.


Are you interested in the Fallback Service Center? 

Request a customized quotation by clicking the button below. We will see to it that you receive a quotation from us based on your wishes and requirements as soon as possible.

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