Submitting a repair    

Your Fujitsu PC, notebook or server warranty has expired and you would like your system to be repaired, based on an estimate.

Fujitsu repair procedure

Fujitsu repair procedure

This repair procedure entails that an analysis of your complaint will take place after delivery of the system. You will receive an email with a price estimate and our findings. The average repair time is 5 working days (depending on the speed of communication).

If this term is not acceptable to you, please use our ‘ quick diagnosis service’.

What does this mean? You contact one of our employees by phone and indicate that you wish to use our ‘quick diagnosis service’. You can come to Woerden for a diagnosis on weekdays between 08:30-17:00. While you wait and enjoy a cup of coffee, our technical service staff will check your system. If the complaint can be solved straight away, this will be fixed immediately (after consulting with you first). If your system requires specific parts, then you receive an estimate first. If you agree to this estimate, then we will accept the system for repair and order the material. The parts will usually arrive the next working day after which the repair will carried out as soon as possible. Please contact us by phone: 0031-348- 484930.

You have a very obvious complaint, such as a crack in the screen or a broken key and you would like a price estimate for these parts? Send us an email or click the button and we will send you the relevant price information as soon as possible. Please mind that you always send us a serial number or model type! Only then can we supply you with the correct price information.

After submitting your repair on our website or by email ( you will receive a reference number from us which you can always use to inquire after the status of your repair.
You have agreed to the terms and conditions concerning the repair based on the estimate.

Before you hand the system over the Telemos. Have you made a backup of your system? 

Telemos is not responsible for the recovery or the storage of customer-specific data. It is up to the customer to make a backup of any data and to store this safely before handing the system in. Is it no longer possible to secure your data, because the system is no longer accessible? Please report this to us in writing when submitting the repair and by leaving an additional note with said system as well. We can then advise which options are available to you at that time.

How to ship the product to Telemos:

  1. You can ship the product to us by post/carrier quoting the reference number: Telemos ICT Service, Pelmolenlaan 3, 3447 GW Woerden. The shipping costs are paid by you, the customer.
  2. You can hand the system in on working days between 08:30 – 17:00 at our reception in Woerden. Please always submit the repair first, before handing the repair in to prevent unnecessary delays in the process.

As soon as the product is received by us, we will make an analysis of your complaint and produce an estimate with our findings. We will only start the repair after a written confirmation of the estimate.

The estimate offers you three options:

  1. You agree with the estimate. We will order the parts for your repair and subsequently carry out the repair.
  2. You do not agree with the estimate. We will return the system to you  C.O.D./after prepayment, charging you the diagnostic fee (€ 50,- excluding VAT). You always have to pay the diagnostic fee. 
  3. You do not agree with the estimate and do not want to have the system returned to you. You choose not to pay the diagnostic fee. Telemos will then recycle the system.  

If other defects are discovered during the repair process, we will contact you. Telemos maintains the right to draw up a revised estimate when other defects are discovered during the repair process.  Prices are subject to change. If you agree to the estimate, we will proceed to order the materials and continue the repair process.