• Service as strategy

Installation by one of our experts.

Have your systems installed by our experts:  we offer a carefree start, whether it involves new workstations, single or multiple servers. Installation by Telemos saves you precious time and resources.

When you purchase a large number of systems, Telemos can collaborate with you to handle the configuration (custom integration at the Fujitsu factory). We work with you to install the required settings on each new desktop. This saves you time and effort.




The advantages of installation by Telemos

  • The systems are installed according to your needs and requirements.

  • Systems are installed by our experts.

  • Saves you time and resources.

  • Fujitsu Authorised Service Provider.

Are you interested in installation by one of our experts?

At Telemos we are ready to install your systems as soon as possible. Request a customized quotation by clicking the button below. We will see to it that you receive a quotation from us based on your wishes and requirements as soon as possible.               

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