• Optimal and expert IT management

Expert IT management with matching support.

System administration and user support are of vital importance to an organization. Telemos provides some 150 Dutch organizations with these IT services. We realize that the wishes and needs of each organization are different. That is why we chose for a flexible and modular structure of our system management contracts. You choose the contract which suits you best. The contract consists of services and activities that optimize the availability of the network servers, which optimizes your automation as well.

IT management


The advantages of IT management by Telemos

  • 80% of the reported incidents is solved the same day.

  • Cost-effective.

  • User support.

  • Worry-free use of your IT equipment.

Discover our IT management

Remote systems management

When you have concluded a contract with Telemos for Remote systems management, then Telemos will remotely manage your systems. For a certain number of hours per month your network will be checked for backup, viruses, disk space security and other vital components. You can also use our Help Desk to log report incidents.

On-site systems management

When you conclude a contract with Telemos for on-site systems management we assume (complete or partial) responsibility for the proper functioning of your network. We will regularly visit you on location. Depending on the size of your network you can hire us for a number of hours per week or per month. During that time the entire network, including the personal work stations, are checked by us for backup, viruses, disk space, security and other crucial components. User preferences are implemented as well. Additionally, you can use our Help Desk to report incidents.

All-in systems management

All-in systems management is a combination of remote systems management and on-site systems management. Through the 'remote control' functionality  Telemos is able to remotely access all computers on your network. This enables us to solve eighty percent of all problems and incidents the same day. We also continuously monitor you complete IT infrastructure and offer preventive maintenance in the form of updates. Depending on the number of servers and work stations we deploy an IT administrator on location for one part or more parts of the day per month. After signing the agreement a baseline measurement is performed to map the current IT infrastructure. Based on this baseline measurement you  will receive advice to solve any existing issues. The necessary software (‘agents’) is also installed, the backup is set up, the anti-spam is configured and antivirus software is installed. You will also receive login information for a portal where you can report incidents yourself and monitor their progress.

The advantages of a systems management contract

These are the advantages when you enter into a systems management contract with Telemos:

  • Worry-free use of your IT equipment.
  • Anticipates impending malfunctions.
  • Support for your users.
  • Regular checks of the backup.
  • Support by phone by the Customer Help Desk (in urgent cases).
  • Telemos is familiar with your situation, in urgent cases we can act quickly.
  • Keeps your operating software up to date.
  • Unlimited remote support.
  • 24/7 monitoring and proactive problem solving.
  • 80% of the reported incidents is solved the same day.
  • Advice and recommendations regarding your IT.
  • Ensure optimal occupancy for a minimal load.
  • Hard drive capacity checks.
  • Compelete maintenance of server and workstations ast a low, fixed monthly fee per server and workstation.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Complete solution for backup, anti-virus and anti-spam included.
  • Remote systems management.
  • Incidents portal.

Are you interested in IT management by Telemos?

Please contact our Services expert and request a customized quotation. We will see to it that you receive a quotation from us based on your wishes and requirements as soon as possible.

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