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Professionals who can help you map your business processes and who find appropriate solutions for you.

Your company has changed, as well as the market in which you operate. Margins are under pressure and new threats and opportunities present themselves. While the internet still needed some time to break through, smartphones with mobile internet are on the rise much faster. Organizations have to change as well in this rapidly changing world and that is a challenge. IT can be a business enabler, but can also be the limiting factor. IT must deliver added value like never before. This can be achieved by efficiency, getting a better insight and grip on your processes or by tapping into new markets.

Telemos supplies professionals who can help you map your business processes, find appropriate solutions and implement them. Solutions that offer value for money and enable you to respond to the requirements and problems you are daily struggling with. Whether it involves a complete ERP solution or a specific partial solution: Telemos knows the market, the possibilites and the pitfalls.


The advantages of Business Consultancy

  • Telemos knows the market, the possibilities and the pitfalls.

  • Telemos supplies professionals who map business processes.

  • Pragmatic and above all results-oriented.

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IT solutions support processes in an organization. Processes form a structured set of activities that are aimed to achieve the objectives of the organization. These goals should be consistent with the goals of the client, so that the organization justifies its right to exist.  IT allows processes to be executed faster, more efficiently or with more quality. A good IT solution supports the end users in their activities so they can achieve their goals faster, more efficient, with more quality of with more joy.

IT is about the right information for the right person at the right time, to support the business.
This is what IT is about: creating value for the business.

By mapping processes and by indicating where IT support is located, you achieve insight into IT. This makes it easier to determine where IT offers added value and why this is necessary. Processes give context and meaning to IT. This is especially useful in determining the impact a change will have. The existing and desired situation are described and the differences are indicated. At a high level, processes can be a chain process across organizations, but also work processes at a lower level. At a lower the steps of the process can be elaborated upon in use cases. IT can support existing processes, but can also cause processes to change.

We do business with (among others):


De ZuiderSter is renowned in the Rotterdam area with two large home furnishing stores in Barendrecht and Capelle aan den IJssel.



Kiwitz has been serving the Dutch construction industry with several systems, services and products. We are in direct contact and take care of the entire process ourselves: from consultancy on systems, delivery of products, supervision during processing to aftercare. 



Flower Direct is a young dynamic company that was founded in 1997 as a sales organization for growers. Our main activity today is still selling and processing cut flowers. The company values of Flower Direct are: quality, efficiency and innovation.


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