• Telemos biedt u VoIP-telefonie toestellen van Gigaset aan.
    Calling with VoIP.
    More telecom, less expenses.

Make the transition to calling via the internet.

Making calls via the internet is much cheaper. You can save a lot of money by making your phone calls using Voice over IP. This means that you use the internet for your phone calls. VoIP is simply the future and offers your company many options and advantages. You quickly recover your investment, because you cut down on your phone bills.



The advantages of VoIP telephony

  • Cuts down on costs.

  • Low rates for calling to landline phones and mobile phones.

  • Unlimited number of simultaneous calls.

  • VoIP telephony is flexible and independent of the location.

  • Multiple public numbers.

You can save between 25% up to 70 % on your phone bill, so you quickly recover your investment. VoIP is simply the future and offers your company many options and advantages. Making phone calls using VoIP is cheaper than using traditional telephony, such as ISDN. Additionally, your organization is more accessible with VoIP.

As opposed to an analog connection, the number of calls that can simultaneously take place over a single VoIP network connection is virtually limitless.  Additionally, offices using VoIP can suffice with less cabling, because a computer and a VoIP device can be connected to one port.

Are you interested in VoIP telephony by Telemos?

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