TeleMerchant: The software suite that can support the entire logistic process.

At present TeleMerchant is the most up-to-date software available to retailers in the home furnishing industry in The Netherlands and Belgium. TeleMerchant has a modular structure, allowing you to only purchase those modules required for your specific situation. You never purchase any unnecessary functionalities, so you can keep your investment at the right level. Besides the base module, which you always need, you can install additional modules for complete support of your logistic process, such as Cash Register, Inventory, Invoicing and Purchasing.

TeleMerchant can be seamlessly linked to the financial software from AFAS and KING. Your administration is also maintained through this link. You hire TeleMerchant for a fixed, low, monthly fee which includes all support.

The advantages of TeleMerchant

  • Attractive all-in monthly fees.

  • You only hire the modules you will use.

  • Modern technology with links to MS-Office.

  • Specifically developed for the home furnishing industry.

  • Equipped with digital order option at manufacturers.

  • Easy and very user-friendly.

  • Can be linked with financial software from AFAS and KING.

Discover the different modules of TeleMerchant

TeleMerchant has a modular structure. This means that the software is made up of separate modules that  support the specific functionalities  that (may) occur in the logistic process of any company. Every TeleMerchant user should have at least the base module. The base module is the only module that can function independently and separately from other modules. Apart from the base module, additional modules are available. Every additional module communicates seamlessly with the base module and any other additional modules that are in use.

Are you interested in TeleMerchant? We offer several standard suites. If the standard TeleMerchant suites do not  meet your requirements, then it is always possible to compile a different suite.

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The base module has the following functionalities: 

  • Maintenance of general control parameters, company data, branches, warehouses and cash registers.
  • Creation / maintenance of records of employees and suppliers.
  • An unlimited number of contacts per supplier.
  • Creation / maintenance of customer data.
  • An unlimited number of contacts and delivery addresses per customer.
  • Creation / maintenance of other master data, such as countries, currency, titles, payment methods, units, product groups, programs, payment terms et cetera.
  • Working with digital product catalogs (provided that the catalogs are constructed in accordance with CSA-Pricat).
  • Import of Excel files and turning these into a catalog.
  • Creation / maintenance of one’s own product file (with photos / images).
  • Linking barcodes to products.
  • Creation / maintenance of quotations.
  • Copying a previous quotation / order to a new order / quotation.
  • Print quotations. Converting a quotation to an order.
  • Creation / maintenance of orders.
  • The ability to work with sets (joining quotations / order lines to sets), set texts and assignments.
  • Copying order lines to new order lines.
  • Option to create unique products.
  • Up to a maximum of 10 freely definable input fields on the order screen.
  • Creation of order proposals based on previously registered orders.
  • Placing orders with suppliers (several ordering options).
  • Repeat orders (original orders remains intact).
  • Link to the digital platform TeleConnect.
  • Link to other European platforms.
  • Sending emails to employees, customers and suppliers.
  • The use of digital files for employees, customers and suppliers.
  • The use of a digital file per sales order.
  • Several order reports (can be partially defined by customer ).

The purchasing module has the following functionalities: 

  • Manually record order confirmations from the supplier.
  • Download and process digitally received order confirmations from the supplier.
  • Send reminders to suppliers in case of late order confirmation.
  • Send reminders to suppliers in case of late delivery.
  • Notification to customers of late delivery by supplier.
  • Receipt of inbound goods (also partial goods receipt).
  • Lists of outstanding purchase orders.
  • Lists of total purchase orders.
  • Lists of purchases per item / supplier / per branch.
  • Reservation tickets.
  • Price tickets.
  • Lists of expected purchase invoices.
  • Process invoices.

The stock module has the following functionalities:

  • Maintenance of main product group, sub product group, warehouses and branches.
  • Relation table branches / (distribution) warehouses.
  • Receipt of inbound goods. Every (partial) delivery is assigned a unique batch number (optional).
  • Request stock. Shows the total stock of a product and, if desired, the distribution of the relevant stock across batches (and warehouses / branches).
  • Sales order: When delivered from stock shows how the stock is distributed among the various branches.
  • Sales order. Chose for delivery from a certain batch / warehouse.
  • Delivery from several batches is (for products that are suitable) possible as well.
  • When delivered from several batches the principle FIFO (First In First Out) applies.
  • Entry of (initial) stock per product per warehouse / branch / batch.
  • Amend stock per product per warehouse / branch / batch.
  • Transferal of stock of a product (warehouse / branch / batch) to product (warehouse / branch / batch).
  • Create stock orders per warehouse / branch.
  • Maintenance stock orders.
  • Ordering of stock order (several ways to order).
  • Book received goods with automatic production of batch number.
  • Transferal of products between warehouses.
  • Interbranch receipts between different warehouses.
  • Interbranch invoices between companies (at cost price or retail price).

The invoice module has the following functionalities:

  • Create invoice proposal.
  • Option to invoice part of an order.
  • Test print of (advance payment) invoices.
  • Print or reprint (partial) invoices.
  • Maintenance payment methods.
  • Record payments.
  • Process down payment invoices.
  • Invoice list (with selection options).
  • Payment list (with selection options).
  • Delivery slip.
  • Interbranch invoicing at purchase price / retail price.


The Point of Sale register module has the following functionalities:

  • The Point of Sale module supports all necessary, normal cash register transactions.
  • The Point of Sale module can be used on touch screen displays, so a mouse and keyboard are unnecessary.
  • Barcode scanning.
  • Salesperson selection.
  • Direct link to the customer file.
  • Discount in cash on a product or receipt.
  • Discount in percentage on a product or receipt.
  • Cash sales.
  • Down payment or payment of orders.
  • Controls cash drawer.
  • Cash movements.
  • Receipts (with reprint option).
  • Checklist (by branch, salesperson and cash register)
  • Cashier balance by salesperson.
  • Can be connected to a customer display.