TelePlugin: Access tot digital product catalogs from your own software.

Telemos has developed the TelePlugin module. If your software is not suitable for digital communication with your suppliers, then TelePlugin offers a solution. Your software supplier incorporates TelePlugin into your software. After installing TelePlugin, you immediately have a seamless connection with the communication platform TeleCatNet that contains the digital product catalogs of an increasing number of manufacturers.  

The advantages of TelePlugin

  • Proven technolog: many of your colleagues already use TelePlugin.

  • You continue to work with your own software.

  • No switching to different software.

  • No training in new applications.

  • Direct digital communication with your suppliers.

  • Create quotations and orders using the catalogs the platform has to offer.

  • Order with your suppliers over the internet at the touch of a button.

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The TelePlugin procedure

  • Contact your software supplier.
  • Inform your software supplier that you want to start using TelePlugin.
  • Your software supplier incorporates TelePlugin into its software.
  • Your software supplier will remain your direct point of contact. Telemos will handle everything else with the supplier.

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Duration and cessation of use of TelePlugin

  • The duration of the license agreement of TelePlugin is at least twelve calendar months from the date of commissioning of TelePlugin.
  • The license agreement may be terminated in writing after the first period of twelve calendar months with due observance of the notice period of two months.
  • Should User misuse Teleplugin, then Telemos reserves the right to sever the connection to and communication with TeleCatNet for said User.
  • Communication via TeleCatNet ends automatically when User no longer utilises the appropriate Telemos software / logins or when the user rights to said software / logins have been terminated by Telemos.

Availability / IP Connectivity

  • Telemos aims for an IP connectivity availability of at least 99.9% on an annual basis for Services provided at the data center (the computers system, both hardware and software, which is used for TeleConnect and TeleCatNet.).
  • For other services (wired access, xDSL and radio connections) there is a minimum of 99.7% IP connectivity.
  • The available bandwidth will not be limited by Telemos. The servers and the other TeleCatNet equipment at the Data Centre have the entire available bandwidth at their disposal at all times. In case of misuse Telemos will limit the bandwidth to minimize further misuse. Telemos will inform User of this action as soon as possible.
  • Telemos will ensure that the bandwidth available for TeleCatNet is increased on time, so the full capacity is never used under normal conditions. This excludes any (fatal) malfunction of (backbone) connections.
  • Telemos can not be held to the above conditions in cases of proven force majeure.

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