Winparf: The software suite for perfume and cosmetics stores.

Winparf creates purchase proposals based on your suppliers, branch, or branches on the basis of expected sales and the software indicates what the ideal stock should be. With the modules Winparf Client, Winparf POS and Winparf Statistics you can optimize your sales.


The advantages of Winparf

  • Support your complete logistic process with a single software suite.

  • Generate purchase and stock proposals automatically.

  • Analyse sales for a better sales result.

Discover the different Winparf modules

Winparf has a modular structure. This means that the software is made up of separate modules, each of which support specific functionalities. All these modules provide support for the logistic process within your company. 

Within Winparf you have the option to enter detailed descriptions of articles and to link these to your own product codes. You can also use the standard PARKOD EAN / GENCOD product code.

Are you interested in Winparf? We offer several standard suites. If the standard Winparf suites do not meet your requirements, it is always possible to compile a different suite.

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Computerize your orders
Winparf makes purchasing proposals based on your suppliers, branch or branches on the basis of expected sales and indicates what the ideal stock should be. The Winparf purchase management module has a number of powerful tools available, such as:

  • Control screen of orders (total per line, per brand of per branch).
  • Check of receipts by means of scanner.
  • Monitoring of suppliers’ invoices and payment conditions.
  • Monitoring of your returns and credit notes.
  • Integration with several financial programs.

Optimize your stock
Winparf offers you the choice between direct delivery to the shops or the use of a platform with order optimization, that distributes the products when they are ordered or delivered.  

  • Compile your own product or shelf labels.
  • Benefit from the complete monitoring of your stocks by means of the product transaction history.
  • Calculate your optimal stock.
  • Check stock by store or in total.
  • Replenishment of stock from a warehouse.
  • Invoice stock transfers between stores.
  • Take stock by using the “data handy terminal” (easy, quick and reliable).

Analyze your sales for better results
Winparf provides the necessary tools for excellent sales management:

  • Detailed sales history (store, date, time, salesperson, receipt number, products bought, customer and payment method).
  • Quick and condensed control screens.
  • Graphical presentation.
  • Top-down based on several criteria.

Customer management

Winparf CRM has a powerful analysis capability. You get customized sales statistics that match your demands. You can enhance your customer management with more than sixty integrated search criteria and twelve criteria that you can adjust yourself.

Winparf CRM has the following functionalities: 

  • Set up a customer profile. 
  • Purchase history.
  • Data exchange between different cash registers.
  • Edit customer lists.
  • Analyses of customer relationship management.
  • Optimize your posts.
  • Define your target market by means of several search criteria, based on customer data and registered customer purchases.
  • The option to export this customer data to another program or database.
  • Edit address labels.
  • Analysis of response to a mailing. Get an automatic calculation of the response to a mailing without human interference. 
  • Manage customer cards. 
  • Print barcodes for your customer cards.
  • Automatic granting of a bonus or discount in response to the number of purchases, visits or loyalty points earned by a customer.
  • Management of loyalty points by customer type.
  • Management of repayment at various levels.
  • Management of the customer purchases with loyalty points.
  • Management of bonuses.

Winparf Point of Sale: Intelligent POS system

Winparf POS is an intelligent, accurate, user-friendly and fully manageable POS system.

Winparf POS has the following functionalities:

  • Sales data linked to identity of customer. 
  • Simultaneous management of multiple sales persons.
  • Edit product sales.
  • Dual displays that show amount, payment type and currency.
  • Management of both offers and discount rates in amount.
  • Management of samples given to customers.
  • Management of returned products with indication of reason of return.
  • Print receipts and invoices.
  • Overview and management of stock movements between different branches.
  • Create reports at the end of the day.

Winparf POS is easy to use and accurate by means of the following functionalities:

  • Management with self-assigned keyboard shortcuts for certain functions, touch screen or barcodes.
  • Product recognition by means of PARKOD product codes of EAN/GENCODE codes.
  • Easy to search for products by product description.
  • Receipts can be printed with the customer’s name.

Winparf POS makes Customer relationship management easy by means of the following functionalities:

  • Customer management for marketing purposes.
  • Display configuration settings for each customer profile. 
  • Search options by name, code or criteria.
  • While a customer is paying, his/her purchase history is visible.
  • Options to create a customer profile (age, reading habits, hobbies, skin type, etc.) 
  • Management of customer cards with, for instance, a loyalty program.
  • Management of subscriptions.
  • Management of product reservations. 
  • Options for changing the language.
  • Options to select customers based on birthday, date of purchase and purchased items.

Management information
For groups of retailers, salespersons and purchasing groups.

Winparf offers you several control options through data integration, based on PARKOD product coding:

  • Use of the same product database in all countries (PARKOD product coding or your own product coding).
  • Consolidation of results per shop (up to 999) and their branches (up to 99).
  • Quality control and sorting of shops, branches and brands.
  • Sales analysis of brands, categories, lines and products.
  • A tailor-made sales analysis of a certain period is possible.
  • Analysis of sales (turnover, goals, margins and discounts).
  • Analysis of stock (profitability and turnover).
  • Printing of monthly analyses.

A “ Group” needs key information to respond quickly and efficiently to the argumentation of suppliers.  Winparf allows you to better prepare for negotiations by compiling a file per brand which contains, among other things: 

  • Sales follow-up per shop by brand, by reference and by year.
  • Turnover and results per product.
  • Current terms of purchase. 
  • Stock levels per branch.
  • Monitoring of turnover, goals and margins per brand or at all levels.
  • Products of the cosmetic industry.

The different tables allow you to:

  • Consolidate countries each with their own retail outlets or shops.
  • Use a product database that is the same in all countries.
  • Make an international consolidation of several currencies (convert to a single currency).
  • Make an assessment and classification per store (floor space and concept).
  • Analyze sales using standardized or customized tables.
  • Monitor the goals per country or retail outlet.
  • Make a stock analysis per country, retail outlet or product.
  • Analyze sales and results per product.
  • Track sales, goals and margins.

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