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At Telemos all possible types of hosting are available.

Hosting should be in reliable hands. The companies that manage their hosting through Telemos are of the same opinion. We have been providing  reliable hosting to several large clients for many years now. Telemos has proved itself over the last twenty years in the design, building, management and maintenance of IT infrastructures, servers, systems and networks. Telemos offers the following types of hosting: Shared Hosting, Web Hosting, Virtual Private Server Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Co-located Hosting, and SaaS Hosted Solutions.




The advantages of hosting at Telemos.

  • The certainty of fixed costs per month.

  • Safe and stable environment.

Discover our types of hosting


Webhosting is a service that offers companies the space for storing information, images, or other content accessible via a website. To guarantee speed and safety and to ensure that a web page or website is always accessible, web pages or websites are stored at a so-called hosting company or webhost. These services are particularly suitable for medium to small businesses that want to focus on their core business with possibly an application tailored the users’ wishes, which is available anywhere, anytime.

Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting is a hosting suite where you share a web server with others. The full capacity of the server is divided across several accounts. This makes shared hosting much cheaper than hiring a server or when someone is responsible for their own hosting.

Virtual Private Server Hosting (VPS Hosting)

VPS Hosting allows a single physical server to house multiple virtual servers. You will have administrator rights or root privileges to configure the server and to assign user rights.  You can use a VPS for other applications than just websites. CPU capacity and bandwidth to the hard drive are shared with other users.

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated Hosting means that you have a server entirely at your own disposal. You can offer much data and many websites on this server.

Co-located Hosting

You install your own 19" rack mountable server of 1, 2 or 4 Units at one of our data centers.

SaaS Hosted Solutions

Software as a Service (also known as SaaS) is a modern solution where the software you want to use is not installed on your own system, but on a powerful server that you access via the internet. The  portal ensures that the software is available at the most favorable price and the best conditions, without you having to worry about the hardware or technical management.

The advantages of using SaaS solutions are substantial. The most important ones are:

  • You do not need to make major investments in hardware. A personal computer with an internet connection suffices.
  • You do not have to purchase software. You simply subscribe to this service at a fixed, low monthly fee.
  • You do not have to worry about making backups. This is done automatically for you every day.
  • You are always working with the software’s latest version.
  • You have direct access to the product catalogs of participating manufacturers. Your order is sent error-free to the manufacturer via the digital highway.

The fixed monthly fee includes everything:

  • The use of the software’s latest version.
  • Software maintenance.
  • Creating daily backups.
  • Digital communication with affiliated manufacturers.
  • The management and maintenance of the systems at Telemos on which the software runs.

This modern way of working, often called working in the Cloud, saves you much hassle. It’s quick, affordable and according to the latest techniques. This will save you time, money, and a great deal of annoyance.

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