• Online Backup Service

A modern and safe alternative to your tape backup. 

Traditionally you make a backup of your data on a tape, which is taken home by an employee or stored in a fireproof safe. But how do you check whether the backup has actually been made and how much time will it take for you to be 100% operational? With the Online Back-up Service, Telemos offers a modern and safe alternative to your tape backup. Your data is encrypted and sent to our secure data centers via your internet connection. Our Online Back-up Service offers you the assurance that you can always quickly access your data.  This saves you much organizational bother and repair costs.

Online Backup


The advantages of the Online Backup Service at Telemos

  • Cost reduction of 50% compared to a backup.

  • No need to invest in drives, tapes and backup software.

  • The fully automatic backup saves time.

  • The fully automatic backup saves time.

The standard Online Backup Service Suites

Reliability of an online backup.

After installation, the online backup is completely automatic, so it cannot be forgotten. Immediate verification of the backup with e-mailed reports, so errors cannot be ignored. Your data is stored at multiple data centers. The online backup is kept in at least two Telemos data centers at different locations. With Telemos’s Online Backup Service you have no tape drives with the associated wear and tear. 


The security of your data

Your data never leaves your company unencrypted and remains encrypted, at all times, outside your company. The transmission takes place over a doubly secure SSL connection. No one has no access to your data, not even Telemos.

The currency of your data.

With Telemos’s Online Back-up Service you have more frequent backup opportunities in comparison to tape. You won’t lose a whole day’s work anymore and restoring the data can be done immediately by your own employees without them having to wait on support from Telemos.

  • Online Back-up
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You haven’t found your Online Backup Service suite? 

For Telemos, custom-made software is not a problem. The Online Backup Service suites can be adapted to suit your needs and requirements. Request a customized quotation by clicking the button below. We will see to it that you receive a quotation from us based on your wishes and requirements as soon as possible.

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