TeleCat: The software application for building a digital product catalog.

TeleCat is the software application developed by Telemos that enables manufacturers to quickly create digital product catalogs.
Manufacturers can build and maintain their own catalogs or outsource these activities to Telemos. Digital product catalogs are placed on the communication platform TeleCatNet which has been specifically set up for this purpose. On this platform manufacturers and trading partners communicate with each other. Digital catalogs ensure complete, error-free orders. Error-free orders will save you time and money!


The advantages of TeleCat

  • Quickly create a digital product catalog for your all trading partners.

  • These digital product catalogs prevent incorrect and incomplete orders by trading partners.

  • Error-free orders from your trading partners will save you time and money.

Discover the standard TeleCat suites

TeleCat is the software suite for building and maintaining product catalogs and has the following features:                                                                                            

  • Import of data from Excel (standardized format).
  • Maintenance of flat product catalogs.
  • Uploading of layered product catalogs in CSA-Pricat 2 format.
  • Construction of new product catalogs based on downloaded flat or layered product catalogs.
  • Maintenance of currency list and countries list.
  • Maintenance of VIV codes.
  • Maintenance of programs.
  • Maintenance of layered product catalogs (number of items unlimited).
  • Creation / maintenance of articles.
  • Maintenance of queries, values and subsequent values.
  • Copying of articles.
  • Maintenance of one’s own business information.
  • Maintenance collection codes.
  • Maintenance of articles by collection.
  • Maintenance of customer groups.
  • Maintenance of collections by cusgtomer group.
  • Creation of product catalog by customer group.
  • Based on the most recent CSA-Pricat 2 definitions.
  • Linking of images to articles.
  • Maintenance retailers’ data.
  • Maintenance relations table retailers by customer group.
  • Communication over TeleCatNet, the customer portal developed by Telemos.
  • Placing catalogs on the customer portal TeleCatNet.
  • Giving rights to catalogs to trading partners who are connected to the customer portal TeleCatNet. telecatnet
  • Downloading digitally placed orders.
  • Digital (via TeleCatNet) transmission of order confirmation.
  • Checking of digitally placed orders.
  • Printing digital orders.
  • Export of order data to Excel, ASCII etcetera.
  • Creating digital invoices.
  • Sending of digitale invoices to trading partners by TeleCatNet.

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TeleCat Viewer allows you to view and check catalogs. TeleCat Viewer is solely a catalog viewer; it cannot be used to make changes to existing digital product catalogs. 

TeleCat Viewer has the following features: 

  • Uploading of product catalogs built according to the CSA Pricat standard.
  • Viewing of uploaded digital product catalogs.
  • Shows the entire question tree with the corresponding choices and subsequent choice (regardless of the number of layers) of individual items.
  • Shows the applicable exceptions at a general level and differentiated according to point of application (divided according to “influence” and “effect” on the choice concerned).
  • Shows the number of underlying components which occur in the product catalogs, such as options and option values.
  • Removal of uploaded digital product catalogs.
  • Communication over TeleCatNet, the customer portal developed by Telemos.
  • Placing catalogs on the customer portal TeleCatNet.

TeleCatNet is the communication and order platform between you, the manufacturer, and your trading partners. Digitally created product catalogs can be uploaded directly by the manufacturer to TeleCatNet. You can grant retailers connected to TeleCatNet the right to access your catalogs and to create digital orders from this catalog.  


Leading manufacturers such as Royal Auping, Eastborn, Pullman, Jensen, Norma, BECE, Ducky Dons, Beddinghouse and Habufa have been using TeleCat and the corresponding digital communication and order platform TeleCatNet to their satisfaction for some time now.


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