TeleOrder: The order application for retailers. 

If you do not have software of your own but would still like to digitally order with suppliers, then TeleOrder is the solution for you! TeleOrder is an application running on the internet, which you can access after entering a unique password. TeleOrder is put at your disposal at the request of one or more suppliers. In most cases the suppliers  will bear the costs of TeleOrder, so the application is free of charge for you. All you need is a personal computer connected to the internet to be able to use TeleOrder.

The advantages of TeleOrder

  • Free order application for retailers. TeleOrder runs in the cloud.

  • You can access your own order file 24 hour a day.

  • Straight digital ordering with affiliated manufacturers.

  • Always the latest product information.

  • Incomplete, incorrect order are no longer possible!

  • Has four standard languages. Each language has a clear manual.

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TeleOrder: communication with manufacturers

  • TeleOrder has a direct link with Telemos’s communication platform.
  • The communication platform (called TeleCatNet) contains several product catalogs of affiliated manufacturers.
  • You can consult an infinite number of product catalogs (with the corresponding images and information) with your access code if the manufacturers concerned have given you permission.
  • Orders are send directly to the manufacturer via the communication platform. Fast and error-free.

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Product catalogs and prices

  • Manufacturers maintain their own digital product catalogs, with the descriptions and prices that are so important to you.
  • Updates of product catalogs are placed on the platform as often as manufacturers deem necessary.
  • You always have the latest product data at your disposal.
  • The catalog will help you along with complicated, configurable products. Errors are a thing of the past.
  • Each product catalog has the same structure. If you know your way around one catalog, you know your way around all the catalogs that you were granted access to.

What good is it to me as a retailer?

  • You do not have to invest in automation. A connection to the internet is sufficient.
  • You always have the latest product data and prices at your disposal.
  • One-time offers of your supplier are shown in an outlet.
  • You can no longer forget any necessary data when configuring a product.
  • Your order is sent directly and error-free over the internet to your supplier.
  • TeleOrder saves the history of all created and submitted orders.

Switch to TeleMerchant

If you need more functionalities than TeleOrder has to offer, then you can switch seamlessly to TeleMerchant, which you can set up to your own requirements. Check out this site for more information on TeleMerchant.

I am interested. What next?

  • You contact your supplier and inform him that you want to communicate with him via TeleOrder.
  • Your supplier will request an access code for you at Telemos.
  • Telemos will send you an access code and password by email.
  • Telemos will notify your supplier of the fact that you have access to the platform.
  • Your supplier will grant you the right to use his catalogs on the platform with the touch of a button.
  • You log on the platform the access code you received by email.
  • The first time you log on to TeleOrder, you will be asked to agree to the terms and conditions.
  • You are ready to begin!